Salvaged logs become art with idealistic landscapes painted on them!

Salvaged logs become art with idealistic landscapes painted on them!

Wow, you want to take a look at these beautiful Salvaged logs become art with idealistic landscapes painted on them! The intriguing log art is created by artist Alison Moritsugu and give new life to fallen logs with her amazing landscape paintings.

The log landscape paintings are inspired by the mid-19th century Hudson River School art movement. Moritsugus paintings are an a beautiful representation of what the American landscape looked like before strip malls and industrialization took over. This New York-based artist will only paint and source logs that are taken from trees that have naturally fallen or reclaimed and salvaged from other things.

These log pieces of art are incredibly stunning and very detailed; they almost have a mirrored quality to them with the colors and scenes she paints. Moritsugu uses the details in the wood to dictate how the painting will look. If there are existing cracks and holes in the art, she leaves them intact and paints on the wood as is. The artist has an impeccable eye for color and attention to detail that give the paintings a lifelike appearance and make the painted logs look like you are looking into windows into different worlds. You will want to take a look at this artist amazing pieces of log painted art. This log art would look nice in a log home, or log interior with pieces of log furniture designs, the two complimenting each other.

There are so many uses of logs as these paintings certainly show. Logs are most popular in log homes and log cabins, but also popular in log furniture design. You can find log furniture available in a wide variety of styles and pieces from log tables and chairs, benches for sitting, shelving, coat racks and more. Log furniture is a great way to add comfort and coziness to a log home design, but can also look good in a contemporary house design as a way to add some character and a natural element to the home. If you've ever seen log furniture made of willow branches, you will know it looks good wherever it goes. Willow log furniture looks just as at home in a park like, or log home setting as it does on a craftsman styled home. Having log furniture designs and log inspired art like the artwork in the article are nice ways to add a natural element to your home.

The nice thing about log furniture designs is that they are durable and long lasting, and best of all they are made of a renewable resource that when finished using will just biodegrade back into the earth. is a website and blog that is devoted to all things about the future of practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a wiser and more sustainable future, design and tracking new and exciting innovations in technology. This is important especially in this busy world we live in, where climate change and global warming are on the rise. We all can implement little changes in our lives to help protect this amazing planet we live on. On this site, you will find all sorts of interesting topics and ideas to help keep you informed with all things to do with sustainability and environmental friendliness. On the site, there are all sorts of news, architecture ideas and innovative sustainable designs. It is an exciting time to see the sorts of things that people are coming up with, and it's always nice to stay atop of ideas that are fresh.

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